Keys To An Outdoor Concert

Summer is officially over, but there is still a lot of fun to be had, especially with these unpredictable temperatures. I recently attended a liquor infused festival, Hennypalooza and it was just as fun as it sounds. To ensure I had fun I made sure not only was I cute, but I was also comfortable and I want to share my three keys for you to do the same.

Henny 5

Henny 6

Grab a Layer

This may seem like the most obvious, but this is often the most forgotten. When attending an outdoor party that goes from day to night, when the sun goes down, the temps will change. You do not want to be that cute girl shivering in the corner. Right now, outerwear is having a major moment. There are many options from bomber to denim jackets. Or you can copy me as I have a tendency to steal my boyfriend’s flannel shirts. I love them, because they are warm, it looks cute around your waist, and the oversize look perfectly hides the food baby after eating a lot of festival food.

Henny 2

Henny 7

Get You Some No-Names

Everyone knows I love my sneakers and any sneakerhead would probably look down on no-name sneakers. For those of you that don’t know, no-names are sneakers that are not from major labels, hence the name, no-names. I am not like most sneakerheads. I don’t look down on sneakers, because they are not an exclusive release. If they are cute, then I buy them. Recently, no-names have become my best friends for moments exactly like this. When you’re at a festival, it can be muddy, dusty, or you may fall victim of drunk people who spilled their Bud Light. I’d rather rock no-names, then mess up my Jordans. The ones I wore to Hennypalooza are from Missguided and I still tend to get a lot of compliments on them.

Henny 3

Final 1

Go Dark

Same reason for my no-names, is the same reason I like to wear dark clothing to festivals or outdoor events. One, drunk people do not know how to act and they tend to spill things A LOT. Sometimes the drunk person is me, as you can see by how hard I am holding the cup. Dark clothes comes in handy to hide those stains. Plus, you can’t go wrong with black (or charcoal).

What are your go-to event tips?

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