WTF Happened?: An Honest Discussion About Burnout & Self-Care

Not sure if you noticed, but I haven’t posted a single blog post since September. Next, I stopped doing my cute (well I thought they were cute) IG stories explaining my outfits. Then I barely posted to Instagram at all, unless you count the rants about NJ Transit.

If you have noticed, maybe you are wondering WTF happened? I redesigned the site, bought my domain, convinced my boyfriend to take my photos (that took some work), I was all over social media…and then I just stopped. Long story short, I burned myself out.

First, it was The Weekly Rundown, not to be dramatic or anything, but once Trump was elected all the news seemed negative. Everyone was protesting or angry and they had a damn good reason. But, I didn’t want The Weekly Rundown to remind people of the bad. I want you guys to be informed, but not miserable. So, I stopped doing the most consistent part of my blog.

Next, the stress of my 9-5 started creeping into my blog. Some of you may or may not know, I work in PR on the digital side. So, I spend a lot of time calculating engagement rates of social channels and influencers. I kept comparing my work to influencers who we were paying thousands of dollars to and I talked myself down. I was battling between I wasn’t doing enough for my page or why bother, because it could never equate.

After that, I was spreading myself thin between being an awesome girlfriend, over-committing to happy hours, and working late trying to prove that I’m a good employee, I was making less and less time for myself. I was giving my energy to others and none to myself. Next thing I knew, it was 2018 and I abandoned my blog, my goals, and myself.

All that shit is over with. I’m reclaiming my time. 2018 I’m making it a mission to do things that fuel me, make me happy, motivate me, and make me a better person. As far as The Pretty Rundown, I’m going to focus on things that I enjoy; fashion, music, and social media. So friends, bear with me as this year will be a year of exploration. I will be working to find a balance for The Weekly Rundown and figuring out what content works for me. I hope you will come along with me for the ride and send me all the positive vibrations!

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