Work the Instagram Algorithm

Yes, we all want our chronological feeds back, but it looks like that isn’t happening. According to Instagram’s new algorithm, the platform is favoring posts with more engagement. What does this mean? If your posts are creating a lot of buzz with likes, comments, shares, video views, saves, and DMs, then that signals to Instagram that this is good content and it will be pushed to more people.

This is definitely a hot topic in my life as a content creator at night and as a social media strategist by day. As influencers and content creators, we work really hard to create amazing content and it can be frustrating to learn that 70% of Instagram posts go unseen. Right now, on average about 10% of your followers are seeing your content. So, how can you improve your odds?

Talk to your followers! Instagram will reward you when you engage with them. Any time someone comments on a post, reply back even if it’s a simple thank you. Write captions that encourage conversation. It can be as simple as asking a question. If you are sharing a post talking about your new outfit, ask fans if they like it or if they will give the trend a try.

Take advantage of your analytics. If you have an Instagram Business Account, you have access to analytics. The analytics page tells you when your fans are online. Take note of this and post around those times. If you do not have a Business Account, there are other tools such as Later or Buffer that can help.

Also, don’t forget about Instagram Stories. More and more users, 300 million daily users to be exact, are on Instagram Stories. Instagram’s algorithm is also taking note of your engagement on your stories as well. Anytime your story is shared, users answers a poll, click a link, or DM you it counts as an engagement and increases your odds for Instagram to push out your content more.

All this to say, don’t let the algorithm get you down. The keys to success is to keep creating great content and engage with your followers.

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