Birthday Scaries

About a week ago I celebrated a birthday, June 17th to be exact. From June 1st until late June 15th, I was freaking out. It was something I am going to call, Birthday Scaries. You know Sunday Scaries? Sunday night you are thinking about all the things you should have done over the weekend and the things you have to do on Monday when you get into the office. I was going through that for about two weeks, thinking about turning 26.

I kept wondering if I have accomplished enough at my age. Like…

Am I where I am supposed to be in my career? Should I be further along?

Why don’t I have a house yet?

Am I supposed to settle down and be a wife? If I’m honest, I don’t want to be married right now, but for some reason that everyone keeps asking me about it. I was putting a lot of pressure on myself, because of my age.

Vaughn kept telling me I was aging myself and I was stressing myself out when I should have been celebrating all month. And he was right! I was way too anxious for it to be my birthday month. It wasn’t until Friday night when I was with my friends when I could really see clearly and look at all I have accomplished.

It’s so easy to dismiss what you have done and harp on what is not done. So on Sunday, my actual birthday, after the festivities and the awful hangover (thanks friends!) I reflected on how bomb I am! I have a pretty awesome and fun job. I can afford to take care of myself. I can afford to get tattoos when I want and I did in celebration of the bday. I have awesome friends from Chicago to home in New Jersey. I eat healthily, I almost have abs, and my boobies are still perky. I’m doing pretty well I guess.

I also started to marvel at all the opportunity that is in front of me. I can’t get stuck on what hasn’t been done, because there is so much time to conquer so much more!

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  1. Happy belated birthday hun x

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