Resisting Perfection in an Instagram Perfect World

Anyone else notice the increase of articles about anxiety and self-care as we continue to live in a world where people are obsessed with their IG feeds? It’s definitely no coincidence.

I can’t like, I do have a love for social media. There’s an immense opportunity for people to create their own waves. It’s a great way to gain inspiration from people from all different corners of the world. However, it can easily create an environment of comparisons and defeat.

The truth is, no one is posting their failures. Just ask Wesley Snipes. Side note, if you don’t follow him on Twitter you are definitely missing out. What you see on Instagram is the finished product. There were a lot of drafts before it was published.

Just like you are a work-in-progress, so are the people you are comparing yourself to on Instagram. Humans and perfection are incompatible. We are flawed creatures built to make mistakes. Live in the moment of your journey. When you watch someone else’s, you are letting your own life pass by.

We need chaos to grow. We need to make mistakes to evolve. We need flaws to make mistakes.

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