The Weekly Rundown

There was a lot happening this week. So, in case you missed it. Twitter wants to help you block out the trolls. They updated the mute button to allow users to mute phrases and key words. Obama takes one last tour around the world, mostly to coddle world leaders and assure them we elected the…

A World Without Kanye’s Twitter Rants

The world needs a guy like me. The world needs somebody to not be scared and tell his truth. — KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) February 24, 2016 Lately, Kanye has had a lot to say, especially on Twitter. Every time a new rant appears on our feeds we roll our eyes, but we avidly tune in….

Twitter Has A Funny Way of Showing Diversity

Twitter recently announced a new Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion, who happens to be a white guy. This doesn’t exactly scream diversity. Super excited to join @Twitter next month as VP Diversity & Inclusion, joining an incredible team to make #InclusionImpact. — Jeffrey Siminoff (@jmsSanFran) December 28, 2015 Although, Jeffrey Siminoff lacks what some…

Chris Brown: Bad Boy or Businessman

Celebrity collaborations and endorsements are usually on a decline when a celebrity is surrounded by negative publicity or seen in a negative light, but this is not the case for grammy award winner, Chris Brown. The singer has recently been in the news for getting in a fight outside of his hotel in Washington, D.C….

Legitamite Tweet or #ad?

We all know about those ‘promoted’ hashtags or tweets on twitter by major corporations and we continue to roll our eyes, because it is just another ad, but what about the ads we don’t even notice. CNN has reported that many celebrities are being paid to tweet about their favorite products. It is not much…